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Tule Boats

The Salinan Tribe greeted the San Salvador replica ship in traditional Tule canoes built by tribal members.


Rebuilding the Adobe Wall

Eat in San Miguel de Allende
Bares en San Miguel de Allende

Soaproot Harvest

Soap, food, glue, medicine, poison, and more — all from a hairy, underground bulb.   Food seems an unusual use for a plant called soaproot. In fact, food is just one of many traditional California Indian uses for the plant, some apparently contradictory.

Roasting the bulbs thickens the juice into a glue used for sealing baskets, attaching feathers to arrow shafts, and even forming the handles of brushes fashioned from the bulb’s outer fibers. Green sap from the leaves made tattoo ink, and juice from the bulb made a hide tanning treatment as well as medicines like antiseptics, laxatives, diuretics, and pain-relieving body rubs.


Heritage Garden Project

In collaboration with The Maritime Museum and City of Morro Bay, The Salinan Garden project was born. Donny Pierce spearheaded the project, working on design, power, and water.  Located on the Morro Bay Embarcadero, this is an artistic expression of Salinan culture, a garden to gather, and slice of nature, with a view of Le’Samo.

We need volunteers who love to garden, have knowledge of native and useful plants, aspire to share a craft, create art, and gather. 

Hoteles en San Miguel de Allende

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