July 11, 2017


On behalf of the Native community at Cal, we wanted to let you know about a special program that we are offering for Native high school students interested in applying to Berkeley and other UC schools. Let us introduce ourselves – we are Antonio Isabeles (Wixaritari / Nahua), Program & Outreach Coordinator and Outreach and Recruitment Coordinator for the Native American Recruitment and Retention Center (NARRC) and Drew Woodson (Western Shoshone) Co-Program & Outreach Coordinator. We have been working over this summer to partner with our student organization NARRC to offer students interested in applying to UCs a Jumpstart in their process.

The Jumpstart Program

In its second year of this partnership, we are hoping to spread a wider net across the state and get a larger pool of applicants. The program is small – allowing us to give students intensive one-on-one coaching and provide workshops for students – and we hope that you will encourage interested students that you know to apply.

We have been using this summer to plan a new and improved Native Jumpstart Program for this Fall, and we are excited to announce that our applications will be open and accessible on our NASD website nasd.berkeley.edu on July 17.

There are two tracks for the program:

  • Sophomores & Juniors

This program track is exclusively a virtual coaching program. We will be creating webinars and virtual workshops to help students understand the process of applying to UCs, get feedback on their transcripts and help them set goals to have strong applications in the future. The commitment is year long, with workshops and individualized coaching happening through out both spring and fall.

  • Seniors 

The program track for seniors focuses more specifically on writing personal insight questions and presenting yourself in the application. Participants will receive 9 weeks of coaching before visiting Berkeley for a weekend of workshops and the opportunity to meet Native students at Cal. There are a limited number of spaces for students to be hosted in the dorms, however local students who are accepted and willing to commute may participate on a daily basis.

Deadlines for applications are August 25, with students being notified by September 1.  If these deadlines will cause any conflict, please let us know as soon as possible. Minimum GPA is 3.0. The Jumpstart Program will take place on the weekend of November 10-12, 2017.

If you would like to read more about our program, please either be in touch, or visit nasd.berkeley.edu and click on the visitors and prospective students link.

In an effort to create more meaningful connections with Native communities and students, we have enclosed some materials about other offices and resources at UC Berkeley that would be open to partnerships and collaborations.

We are looking forward to working with Native youth! Please feel free to spread the word about our program, and to follow up with any questions you may still have.


Antonio Isabeles (Wixaritari / Nahua), Program & Outreach Lead Intern and Outreach and Recruitment Coordinator for the Native American Recruitment and Retention Center (NARRC)

Drew Woodson (Western Shoshone) Co-Program & Outreach Lead

Phenocia Bauerle (Apsaalooke), Director

Native American Student Development,UC Berkeley

Centers for Educational Justice & Community Engagement

Division of Equity & Inclusion

University of California, Berkeley

241 César Chávez Student Center #2440

Berkeley, CA 94720-2440
Huichin Ohlone Land

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