ATTENTION! Current Tribal Card Holders

We will be replacing your cards with new ones. If the information on your current card is no longer correct because you legally changed your name for some reason, for example got married and have not yet contacted the tribal office with this new information, you must do so asap. You will have 60 days to do so, then new cards will be printed.(SEE TIME LEFT BELOW) Also if you have moved and did not leave a forwarding address, you must also contact the tribal office so we have your current physical and mailing address. 
Time has expired for changing your information on your card.


Design Request

The Salinan Tribal Council,
Is currently asking any and all interested tribal members for design concepts for possible use in the creation of a new seal and flag representing our tribal family. Once created, the seal will be used to help identify our tribe on a multitude of official documents, and used for other decorative purposes.

Designs may be submitted either as completed drawings or as written, conceptual ideas. Drawings should be circular, at least 5 inches in diameter.

Send your drawings and ideas now through March 31st to the tribal office by mail, fax or email. Please clearly indicate your name and contact information with your designs.

2018 Annual Gathering

This years gathering we had the largest turn out we have had in years. We would again like to thank the Patterson Family for letting us use their property again this year for our annual gathering. We would also like to thank our tribal chefs and everyone else that helped make it a great day for all. 

Our Tribal Administrator, Patti Dunton at the “Save Eagle Rock” fundraiser. Eagle Rock is a Salinan Sacred Site, registered with the State of California. For the last year the Morro Bay History Assoc. along with the Morro Bay Open Space Alliance along with our Tribe have been involved in raising funds to purchase the peak. The City of Morro Bay purchased the peak a year ago, keeping it from being developed. They gave The Alliance three years to raise the funds to purchase the peak, before it goes back on the market. So we only have two more years to raise the funds to save our sacred site. Thanks to all who have donated so far.


The Salinan Tribe does not endorse or maintain any Facebook pages.

Tribal Counsil.

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